10 Accounts receivable automation tactics that can transform your business


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Businesses that are built to last invest in automation tools in order to create efficient accounts receivable (A/R) processes and streamline complex back-office operations. But there's more to automation beyond simply deciding to purchase an A/R solution. In this checklist, we help you understand how to create and implement a fully automated A/R process in your business. This checklist covers how to:

  • Set up a solid foundation that can be automated at scale
  • Build a framework that executes actions on your behalf
  • Enable self-service options and improve the payment experience
  • And more

Whether your business is exclusively online, or you have a brick and mortar store, streamlining A/R operations can be critical to improving cash flow and improving margins. Download our checklist today and learn what must happen behind the scenes to make managing A/R an efficient, automated process.